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by Ken Signorello

July 15, 2020

At the Village Trustee Meeting on July 14th, plenty was said about not getting invited on July 6th to a Policing listening session, which the Town Selectboard voted to hold at a future date. “We don’t feel the need to beg” was the sentiment put forth by Village President Andrew Brown and echoed by the other Trustees. 


Patrick Murray, one of the Selectboard members who’d cast a vote to invite the Trustees, spoke at the Trustee meeting about the non-invite. Murray began with “I can only speak as an individual”. But that didn’t stop him from speaking about the rest of the Selectboard’s feelings: “I can say that my general sense just from the conversations that I’ve had with my fellow Selectboard members is that there is a general strong sense of regretfulness about how the evening turned out.“

Did Patrick speak with more than one other Selectboard member about this?  If he did, that could be a problem.

Trustees Won't Beg and Murray Conveys Regrets

Unless the Selectboard reverses itself, the Trustees will have to sit and listen from the cheap seats, as they did at the “3+3” hearings, where they had the opportunity to speak and listen. Could it be the time limit imposed on the average citizen’s input  that they are chafing at?


Entire meeting recording:


He might have committed a Vermont meeting law violation.


So let’s assume he only spoke with one other board member. Two out of five does not add up to a “strong sense” to me.

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