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Densmore Drive Culvert Replacement to be Completed Spring of 2021

by Ken Signorello

August 18, 2020



On August 12th municipal staff -- Chelsea Mandigo, Stormwater Coordinator; Jim Jutras, Water Quality Superintendent; and Greg Duggan, Deputy Manager Town/Village -- hosted a public hearing to present the plan for replacing a large culvert, which washed out during the Halloween 2019 storm, making Densmore Drive impassable. 


The firm hired to design the replacement is Hoyle Tanner‐Engineering. Staff present were Jon Olin, PE Project Manager and Jillian Semprini, PE Project Engineer.

FEMA funds have been applied for, and a FEMA inspector has visited. Once approved, FEMA will fund 75% of the estimated $1,021,000 cost.

The project will be completed in two phases.  This fall the channel will be stabilized with a stone embankment.  Densmore Drive will remain impassable.  In the spring a precast concrete structure will be installed and will function as a bridge. 


The project is complicated by existing utilities: Water, Sewer, Electric, Gas, Telephone, all of which will need relocating for the final repair. 


View their presentation here.

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