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Trustees Warn Merger Vote in November for Village Only

by Irene Wrenner

August 21, 2020



At the August 20th joint meeting of the governing boards, the Village Trustees voted to warn a Merger vote for their constituents, even as the Town Selectboard chose not to warn a townwide vote for November 3rd. 

The Selectboard was wary of the number of substantive edits made to the merger charter draft by the Board of Trustees at its Monday night meeting. The Selectboard members need more time to process the changes. 

The Trustees' vote was not unanimous – Raj Chawla voted no – and it followed conversations about whether the Village vote would mean anything, without a companion vote from the Town in November.  Come March or April, they expect the Town to vote on a charter whose contents will likely differ, in some or many respects, which may require another Village vote on an updated merger charter. 

Trustees expressed concern that the merger plan might fail. Should they warn a Separation plan instead? Having campaigned on making merger happen, members felt they should put the merger question on the ballot first.


Trustee Raj Chawla, the dissenting voter on warning merger vote at Aug. 20th Meeting

Earlier this month, both the Trustees and Selectboard put questions about changing their respective spring budget votes -- from floor votes to poll votes -- on to their constituents' November ballots.

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