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Thank you for taking the time to summarize the meetings

July 21, 2020

I greatly appreciate the time and effort you are taking to summarize the local government meetings.


It's hard to find the time to attend or watch/listen to them right now. The links within the articles are especially helpful.

Being a lifelong resident of Essex Junction, and a homeowner in the village for the past 8 years, I'm disappointed to see individual members and cliques willingly making decisions without more input from the public. It may be an extreme opinion, but I have always thought there should be votes for almost all policy actions.

Knowing that a contract has already been written up and proposed concerning racial policy tells me that the outcome and how to get there have been determined by a chosen few and those less 'evolved' in their thinking need to get out of the way.


This website is one small but essential step in bringing transparency to the public.

Please let me know how I can show my support of the Essex Retorter.

Thank you and keep up this important endeavor!

Jeremy Rocheleau


Editor's Note: The Essex Retorter will provide a Donation link, as well as other options, for readers to support this effort, come August.


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