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Map of New House Districts

by Irene Wrenner

March 17, 2022

After months of sketching boundaries, tallying constituents, and listening to feedback from towns, the House Committee on Government Operations (HCGO) recently approved its final map of Legislative House districts for review by the larger House and Senate.

On March 11th the full Vermont House voted to approve this reapportionment map, described by H.722.


The bill now moves to the Senate Reapportionment Committee.


Recent population growth, as noted in the 2020 US Census, and constitutional requirements for representation led the HCGO to remove some Village residents from the current House District 8-2 and place them into a district with a majority of outside-the-Village residents. 



The following map is the current district configuration.

Likewise, Westford residents, who are all part of House District 8-3, would no longer share a district or representative with Essex residents.


The following statements, though overly simplified, sum up what basically transpired in this recent reapportionment:


The new Chittenden 22 was formerly Chittenden 8-2.

The new Chittenden 23 was formerly Chittenden 8-1.

The new Chittenden 24 was formerly Chittenden 8-3.

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