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Rakes and Shovels and Wheels, Oh My!

11/1/20 "Dig Day" at Maple Street Bike Park

by Irene Wrenner

November 28, 2020


Ten years ago, Maple Street Bike Park consisted of some sketches on paper and a few fundraising ideas, plus the passion of several dedicated volunteers. They applied for permits and grants. They hosted raffles and bake sales. They and their friends moved tons of dirt. And, in two years’ time, a sloped forest floor was transformed into a popular outdoor hangout for youth-on-wheels.

Since its Grand Opening on July 4th, 2012, this freestyle bike park has offered the public a pump track plus three dirt jump lines in a prime wooded location. Not even the COVID pandemic has affected this park’s availability nor its appeal eight years later.

Maintaining jumps and lines is a perennial job that volunteers take on, as stewards of the park. This fall, a Bike Park Action Committee formed to assess the current needs and goals for this well-loved amenity. The committee will focus on feature designs and maintenance protocols to provide a fun and progressive experience for riders of all ages to learn and grow.

The BPAC hosted its first official “Dig Day” event on November 1st at Noon. A dozen volunteers pitched in to clear leaves from

the trails, repair jumps and berms, and improve the overall rideability of the park.


Thanks to all who rolled up their sleeves and wielded a rake or a shovel this month. You made a noticeable difference!"

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