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Vermont House Primary Results for Essex

by Irene Wrenner

August 12, 2020



In races at many levels, including State Rep, August 11th saw women scoring victories across the board.


District 8-3’s Incumbent Republican Bob Bancroft, Democrat Alyssa Black and Independent Andy Watts will vie for the single seat straddling the Essex / Westford border in the November General Election.

The 8-2 District Contest was also uncontested for Republican candidate Edmond Daudilin. Democrats had three candidates for the two spots.  Incumbent Lori Houghton (1446) and Karen Dolan (1113) relegated Pat Murray (605) to the office he already holds, Town Selectboard Member. 


District 8-1 saw three Democrats vying for two district rep spots in the Primary.  Incumbent Marybeth Redmond handily won nearly twice the votes of the second winner Tanya Vyhovsky. This November will be Tanya’s second effort to win an 8-1 seat. Brian Shelden, who chairs the Essex Democrats, was the odd man out. The Republican ticket was uncontested. Tom Nelson and Maryse Dunbar will continue on to the general election. 





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