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Super Sucker 5000 to be Replaced

by Heidi Clark

June 3, 2022

Possibly generating even more excitement in the new City of Essex Junction than separation, is the news that the city will soon replace its beloved Super Sucker 5000. 


The sewer cleaner, combo jet vac truck sucks water and debris out of storm drains, sewers, culverts, etc. See it in action at a water main break back in September 2021.

Options for a replacement model were limited by the constraints of whether the huge vehicle would fit inside the existing DPW garage. The chosen model has "a whole inch of wiggle room.."  accoding to Rick Jones, Village Public Works Superintendent.

According to a recommendation in the 5/25/22 Trustee meeting consent agenda, the new truck will be a Sewer Equipment of America - 900 Eco - Sewer Cleaner. It is being purchased from Chadwick Baross, a New England based heavy equipment company which was chosen from four competing bids.

The net cost to replace the SS5500 is $488,860 after trade in.

$400,000 is budgeted to come from rolling stock, water, waste water, and sanitation capital budgets. The remaining $88,860 will come from rolling stock,water,wastewater, and sanitation capital fund balances.

Sources indicate a nickname for the new super sucker is already circulating: “City Sucker”.

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