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Top Cop Talks Traffic Stops

10/13/20 Village Trustee Meeting

by Ken Signorello

October 14, 2020

Police CHief.jpg

Contrary to recent statements that the Village gets little for their Town taxes, these Police statistics show that Village taxpayers, who contribute 42% of the police budget, reaped an average of 54% of the efforts of our cops, when it comes to traffic contacts, over the past five years.

Essex Police Chief Ron Hoague offered a report on traffic speeding / enforcement at the Trustees’ Meeting on October 13th.  One of Hoague’s goals during his two-year tenure has been to increase traffic enforcement here, and the numbers show, until COVID hit, that tickets and warnings had increased.

Added on October 15:

The Chief did not include information as to the revenue generated by such traffic stops.


When asked, the Chief acknowledged this data doesn't show breakdowns by race. And, by the way, "race" is based on officer perception, not input from the civilian involved.

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