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Trustees Talk Merger Alternatives

3/23/21 Trustee Meeting

Ken Signorello

March 25, 2021

With a merger re-vote still weeks away, the Trustees continued their discussion from March 9th about forming a committee to study alternatives to merger.  Half their March 23rd meeting was spent discussing possible parameters for such a committee. 


The citizen petition submitted to the Trustees on March 9th, in the wake of a failed merger vote on March 2nd, appears to be the catalyst for such conversations. That petition said nothing about forming a committee; it merely placed an advisory question about creating a separation charter on the Village ballot. 


Until April 13th election results are tallied, the outcome is anyone’s guess, but much passionate conversation took place at both meetings nevertheless. As before, no action was taken. Another proposed set of goals and guidelines will be presented at the next meeting. 


At the Joint Board Meeting the night before, George Tyler described the Separation question on the advisory ballot, as “ask[ing] us to do some things that we can’t do”. He went on to give examples of interlocal agreements and shared debt.


Other Trustee takeaways:
Mr. Ding-A-Ling Ice Cream received a conditional permit for street-vending this summer, their 21st season in Vermont per their FaceBook Page. 


3 Maple Street will get a permanent utility hookup to electricity thanks to a granted easement. 

Sidewalks in front of the new Park Street Building will be open in July according Robin Piece, Director of Community Development.

Buried in the Consent Agenda was an interim report about a project undertaken by the Wastewater Treatment Facility, in collaboration with UVM, via a grant from the Vermont Phosphorus Innovation Challenge. 


The grant match of $50,000 comes from the Village Wastewater Facility capital fund. Trustee George Tyler noted this innovative work by Jim Jutras and UVM to remove phosphorus from wastewater, which is vital to keeping Lake Champlain viable. Work continues with an additional grant possible.

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