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Weatherization Guide for Homeowners

Essex Energy Committee

by Will Dodge and Phil March

October 16, 2020


With cold weather upon us, it's time to button up your dwelling!


To help consumers determine which of several weatherization programs would best suit their situation, the Essex Energy Committee has put together a four-page guide.


This handbook compares the offerings from Efficiency Vermont, CVOEO, and Vermont Gas, including:

  • Eligibility criteria

  • Financial assistance incentives

  • Special program features


The Guide takes into account various needs and requirements.  Levels of financial assistance are very favorable at this time, esp. for low- to moderate-income Vermonters.  It's important to get started soon, if you're interested: some rebates are expected to decrease in 2021.


The Weatherization Guide for Essex Homeowners helps homeowners choose the incentive program that fits their needs: to be more comfortable, save $$$, and help the fight against climate change.

Find it on the web:

or the Energy Committee's Facebook page:

In other news from the October 15th Energy Committee Meeting, Town of Essex Facilities Manager Tom Yandow reported that the lighting upgrade to the Town Highway Garage went well and came in under budget. Soon the Village Highway Garage is likely to get its own upgrade to more effiicent lighting, complete with motion-sensors.

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