Merger Re-vote Fails by 25 Votes:

Higher Turnout than March, Greater Margin of Victory:

4225 No to 4200 Yes.

More municipal results here.

A public records request has revealed electronic comments made by public officials about audience members and their peers, while the Selectboard met on March 25th.

The first Selectboard Meeting in April has a reputation for being a wild ride. This one didn’t disappoint. That 4-hour meeting had moments of unpredictability and high drama that are hard to capture on paper.

About a week after the merger question failed at the polls, a citizen petition requested a do-over of that March 2nd vote.

Official Memorial Day Parade Nixed

Local Restaurateur to the Rescue

For the second year in a row, the Essex Memorial Day Parade has been cancelled. A veteran and local business owner is organizing an alternative

Trustees Talk Merger Alternatives

3/23/21 Trustee Meeting

Article: Trustees lay groundwork for committee on alternatives to merger, weeks before the April vote.

A Recount of the Recount

3/8/21 Recount of March votes

An extended look at the recount process, including its protocols vs inconsistent counting methods, which propagated errors, led to a disquieting outcome, and lengthened the proceedings, before being resolved.

Six bogus Front Porch Forum accounts used to promote pro-merger content.

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